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3 Traits That

Every Good Business shares

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Having great relationships and working closely with your company’s stakeholders creates a competitive advantage. When you take extra effort to give your suppliers more opportunities to deliver for your business, they are more loyal and more willing to go the extra mile for you and your customers.

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Identifying my company’s core values was a group effort. Autenthic values demonstrated by trust worthy leaders are also proven to provide companies with viable competitive advantages. After much thought, the following became the four core values that we continue to live by, even 10 years later: • Work as a Team, Win as a Team • Employees first, always • Commitement to excellence • Never Give Up

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Think about how you could be empowering your employees more and inspiring greater accountability on your team -- two key ingredients of conscious leadership. Once employees know you have their back, they’ll pass that sentiment along to other team members instead of having the mentality of “every man for himself.

Exclusive Distribution

When embarking on a brand ambassador initiative it’s critical to realize that your brand needs to be seen as a lifestyle, not a product manufacturer. Nescafé does not simply sell coffee. It sells an image and a lifestyle. And Nescafé fans love to discuss, Tweet and Instagram their lattes.

The only way to attract brand ambassadors who will genuinely want to endorse you is by making them feel like they’re part of your brand’s mission. Even if your brand is one that might seem mundane to most, focus on the bigger picture of how your service or product can impact your consumers’ lives in positive ways.

By creating a lifestyle around your brand, you can begin to build up what’s known as a “social audience”. This is a crucial first step as you will need to cull your existing fan base to choose “super fans” who have potential to act as ambassadors.

Certified Brand

For our company

A company’s ambassador  is a critical marketing tool. The leader of any business is best placed to be its primary promoter and spokesperson, so it’s no surprise that a quarter of ambassador have a marketing background.

You may not have the right skills or experience to do it well yet. It might not be a role you’re comfortable with.

Editions Special

In the 2010, we entered the high end market with a powerful new vision and services significantly more expensive than other brands.

Today, we are a company that continues to pitch itself as an innovative vision firm led by a disruptive entrepreneur . Being more than just a high end company  appeals to customers willing to pay more for premium products. Even when we declared that the word “branding” was banned at our buisness, it was great branding. He was using his position as a brand spokesperson to tell customers that the company was totally experience-focused.

I talk a lot about our mission of making our guest more wealthy. Our best customers are those who like what I have to say and also think about what they invest. Some of these loyal fans are regular subscribers who search exclusivity.

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